Functional Training Required

I want training in NAV finance and manufacturing module.Any freelancer from india or abroad ready help me?


  • martinher562martinher562 Member Posts: 50
    One of the best places to get this is NAV UG, which you just missed. Every company does things differently and this training might be helpful. NAV is not like quickbooks where a receipt is created in the same place and the same way all the time. NAV has some modules that are similar, but most companies modify these modules that its easier to just jump in and start learning. If you have any questions, please let me know. I am pretty well verse in all NAV modules (basic knowledge).
  • martinher562martinher562 Member Posts: 50
    I also found this, but you will need to be a partner or user I believe to have access to this.
  • drpeter08drpeter08 Member Posts: 2
    I am very much interested in NAV training. I wish if we there could be a general training to jump start the new NAV developers who are ready to face the challenge.
  • martinher562martinher562 Member Posts: 50
    @drpeter08 i do wish there was some type of certification or classes to take. There are books, but they do not really get you ready for a job. I am trying to find a job doing NAV development, but is so hard and you are at the mercy of whoever already has a big domain in the field. Only way to learn it is to work for a partner or someone who has it, but even with a year experience and upgrading NAV 2009 classic to 2016. I have not been able to find anything. Companies want 5-10 of experience. Just like anything else. keep pushing and take chances where you can even if they dont pay shit.
  • bhadicobhadico Member Posts: 1

    1. Please how can i download install a Nav development demo i can pratice development with?

    2. how can i download the ordinary NAV functional demo for understanding of the end user ?

    any assistance will be appreciated.
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