How can I skip entries with vat amount on page?

undy0602undy0602 Member Posts: 67
Dear developers,
I want to show entries without vat amount from GL entry on page. How to skip these entries
Group by document no. and filter vat Amount
I tried onOpenpage
Glentry. Setfilter(amount,’<>%1’,0)
If Glentry.findset then repeat
Until glentry.next=0

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    JuhlJuhl Member Posts: 724
    You don't need to skip. You just set the filter on the page record/dataitem. Or set the filter before calling the page.
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    undy0602undy0602 Member Posts: 67
    Docno vatAmnt VatPostgroup
    Aa1 200
    Aa1 -200
    Aa1 400 Reverse
    Dont show these entries on page. How to set filter Multiple lines with one document No.s on the dataitem?
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