Apply vendor payments & credit memos to invoices automatically

poppinspoppins Member Posts: 647
Hi everyone,

I have to write a batch that will work through the old vendor ledger entries, vendor by vendor, applying the oldest payments and credit memos to invoices.
This way, users don't have to do it manually.
Can someone give me some hints on how to start?

Thanks in advance :smile:


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    allenyyzhouallenyyzhou Member Posts: 142
    Hi Poppins

    Do you know field “Application Method” in Vendor master? One option value of that is "Apply to Oldest", I think it is for system to apply automatically when post payment. You can check how system deal with that field as a start.
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    sainathsainath Member Posts: 6
    Hai Poppins,

    Create a processing only report with the below filters then you will get only payment and Credit Memo Entries

    Field Type Value
    Open CONST Yes
    Document Type CONST Payment
    Document Type CONST Credit Memo

    in VeendorLedgerEntry OnAfterGetRecord

    write code for apply and post the application

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