Impact on any posted transaction upon changing the Default dimensions for Customer/Vendors

vivek4121vivek4121 GurgaonMember Posts: 165
Hi All,

Can anyone let me know, that we change the default dimensions for Customer/Vendors, do we have any impact of the same on already posted transactions?

As per my understanding it will not have impact any on historical data.

The only thing is when we try post with the Customer/Vendors it will consider the changed dimensions.



  • Slawek_GuzekSlawek_Guzek St. Helier, JerseyMember Posts: 1,688
    Yes, you are correct. All posted transaction entries will stay with dimensions as they were at the time of posting.

    Just bear in mind that default dimesions are just what it says on the tin - default. You can change them on an unposted document or journal.

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  • vivek4121vivek4121 GurgaonMember Posts: 165
    Hi Slawek,

    Yes agree, we can always change those default dimensions on the un posted documents or Journal.

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