Add Part of Department sub-menu as a menu in a rolecenter

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i hope somebody will understand what i want to do. We plan to deploy and use NAV 2017 on web exclusively for 300-350 users.

My Accounting responsible wants the accountaing users to have the same menu than Departments->financial (Accounting, Banks, Analytics Accounting...) accessible by a accounting user in a classic menu.
(In a web environement we do not have acces to the department menu)

I try to fin a solution to have the same menu as this (example of accounting)

in a role center page (for example Accouting responsible).

How can i do ? is it possible ?
Or do i have to make my own page actions and duplicate all the menu of financials ?

Is there an alternative way do do this ? i want to set all the menus for all profiles (ex : Accounting).

Thank you for help

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