Web client user permissions

BlankNameBlankName Posts: 3Member
Problem is that given permisions sets work fine for windows client, but when client tries go to web client rolecenter cues won't show up. Is there any way to get all needed permissions for web client user? Like in window client you can record permission sets. Or maybe you know where I could find web clients permission sets needed for it to function properly ? I have searched in Google on this matter, but no information for web clients needed permissions sets... Or maybe somehow debug web client? Because one form works fine on windows client, but crashes on web client without any error identification.


  • DanjoDanjo Posts: 12Member
    I don't think that there are different permssion sets.
    When using the same user account, the same permissions work on RTC and WebClient.
    Have you tried using another Browser? Mayber security settings or an extension prevent cues from being loaded.
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