NAS Service Error

MahibabuMahibabu Posts: 2Member
NAS Service has stopped with the following error message.
I have checked all the NAS Setup and configurations and did not find anything wrong. I don't know why it is giving such error message. Can someone explain me the error message and provide solution for this?


  • DanjoDanjo Posts: 12Member
    this means that the service-account is not allowed to listen on port 10033.
    This could be a permission-problem, or another application already listens to this port.
    You can check the reservations by starting cmd and enter
    "netsh http show urlacl"
    This shows a list of all granted reservations.

    In my Case for example there is
    Reservierte URL            : http://+:10049/DynamicsNAV100/
         Benutzer: NT-AUTORITÄT\Netzwerkdienst
             Abhören: Yes
             Delegieren: No
             SDDL: D:(A;;GX;;;NS)

    This means, that my Network-Service is allowed to listen on localhost (+ or *), Port 10049, subpart DynamicsNAV100

    In your case there should be one line saying "http://*:10033/".
    Check wether there is the right user account for permission.
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