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Hi Guys - a question on replenishment:

The requirement is to have NAV create 1 line in the Planning Worksheet to cover multiple sources of demand. The source of demand could be both from sales orders and from minimum inventory level on the item card.

For example:
- Minimum stock qty. set up as Q=10 on Item card
- Sales Order A demanding Q=13
- Service Order B demanding Q=22
- The inventory on hand is zero.

I want the planning worksheet to come up with 1 line with a Q = 45, and the ability to drill down into some sort of information that gives you the breakdown from above telling the user that the Q=45 comes from the 3 different sources.

Do you think this is possible?



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    CharlesZACharlesZA Member Posts: 10

    You may want to set the Reordering Policy to Lot-for-Lot and Order Tracking Policy on the Item card.

    This should consolidate the demand when you run the calculate on the planning worksheet.

    Once the suggestion has been created, you can have a look at the Order Tracking option for that line to see what made up the demand.

    I hope this helps,

    Best regards,
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    thomastthomast Member Posts: 102
    Thank you very much Charles. The only problem with this is that it seems to not allow for a minimum inventory level as well. Any ideas how to achieve that on top?
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