Any chance to "try out" C/AL development with a dev/sandbox environment?

Hello everyone,

I am currently working as IT-Support at a company that is basically an NAV (2015) user. All development ist sourced from an external Microsoft partner (the solution we use is a branch-specialized product of said partner). I know my way around in NAV quite well, have a good grasp of its functionality and data structures, however, I have no development experience with C/AL / C/SIDE whatsoever.

In my freetime I do develop small server Apps preferably with Python or Java, and I would be quite interested to dip into C/AL development as well. The short-time goal would be to have an even better grasp on the inner workings, in the long run I would like being able to maybe implement smaller/periferal changes myself.

With the forum search I already found a lot of great recommendations where to look for literature or learning support.

However, I am somewhat stuck on how I could actually try a few things, given that I do not have access to development environment at my workplace (and would not want to experiment there either...).
Is there any chance to set up an NAV2015 development/sandbox environment on my private computer to fiddle around with C/AL (preferrably with NAV 2015)? I don't want to do anything illegal, however, right now I wouldn't want to invest a lot of money either.

Thanks a lot for your support,

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    Thank you for your answer. This sounds like the demo is not actually useable to learn C/AL programming, is it?
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    Thanks again. My company's licence does not (yet) include the application builder licence, since all coding is done by our partner. However, my employer will not buy such a licence just for me to train, even if I would do this off-hours.

    Are you (or someone else here) aware of any (affordable) educational online program that would come with access to a development environment?
    I find it hard to accept that you can only learn NAV development by being employed at a MBS partner.
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