NAV 2015 cannot integrate with Weigh Device

alphonsealphonse Member Posts: 12
I'm using NAV 2015 CU 31, and trying to integrate NAV with weigh Device. The Weigh Device is connected to PC using LPT Port converted to USB. We already setup the device, so if we push a button in the device, it can scanned the scale (ex : 2.02 KG) and paste it to notepad.
The 2.02 KG will show in notepad.

Problem when using Dynamics NAV 2015, the value cannot be showed in NAV input text.
This problem doesn't happen when I'm using NAV 2016.

The question is, how to integrate the weigh to NAV 2015?
I'm thinking using dotnet object. Already found the sample code in C#, but still have a little clue how to implement it in NAV page.


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    xStepaxStepa Member Posts: 106
    So the device emulates a keyboard? Maybe there is some special char in the string ...
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    alphonsealphonse Member Posts: 12
    its a scales. Sorry for my English. The scales can integrate to PC, but only in notepad, excel, NAV 2016 client, except for NAV 2015.
    I've tried with NAV 2015 web client, and it works. But I prefer the NAV client, because webclient has problem with printing.

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    alphonsealphonse Member Posts: 12
    yeah, it turns out my laptop is the problem. I try it with new PC and fresh install NAV 2015 and it works. The scale integrate well with NAV 2015 client.
    Thanks for all the assistance

    Alfonsus Eka
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