The connection to the server was suspended

evalaytenevalayten Member Posts: 2

I am getting "The connection to the server was suspended" from NAV 2017 web client.

Your help will be much appreciated.



  • thomasbarbutthomasbarbut Member Posts: 25
    Hello, could you check the Windows Event Viewer on the server and copy paste the error message?

    best regards,
    Thomas Barbut
  • Slawek_GuzekSlawek_Guzek Member Posts: 1,684
    This is perhaps due to a long period of inactivity in the web client. Nothing to worry about as long as the connection is restored once you click something in the web clint.

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  • evalaytenevalayten Member Posts: 2
    Hi thomasbarbut,

    Their is no error in event viewer.

    Hi Slawek_Guzek ,

    I receive msg while working and something just after login.

  • quocdunginfoquocdunginfo Member Posts: 5
    edited 2017-09-19
    I also faced with above issue too.
    WebClient raise error "The connection to the server was suspended" frequently (2-3 times within 1 min)
    Event Viewer logged with: Long Running SQL Statement (highest metric was recorded up to 10 secs).
    After 1 week tracking and tried dozen of solutions, I have idea to move to IE Browser (Because IE and NAV is developed under Microsoft - LOL :D ) instead of Chrome or FireFox. Thank to my Godness, everything was fine! <3
  • mcoscasmcoscas Member Posts: 30
    I am facing to the same problem and no matter the browser I use it does not work... :(
    if someone has an idea please help me
  • isabioncelloisabioncello Member Posts: 3
    edited 2020-08-18
    Same problem here (NAV 2017 build 30102). Role Centre opens fine, but trying to open any page results with connection suspended message immediately. Number of our users reporting this problem increases which may indicate it is related to some update. Luckily IE workaround works fine, but all of our users use Chrome so this is still a serious problem for us.

    We discovered that using UnChrome application ( to delete unique user identifier solves the problem temporary, but when we restart Chrome connection gets suspended again.

    Tried to change various site settings in Chrome but with no luck. We do have Idle Client Timeout set to 00:16:00. Don’t won’t to mess with NAV server or IIS settings for now because everything was ok for months before problem start to occur.
  • lukaluka Member Posts: 1
    isabioncello, I had the same issue on the same build.

    NTLM is enabled on the nav instance and NTLM is the only windows authentication provider on the subpage in IIS.

    When I tried to monitor the traffic with fiddler, authentication to the web client was blocked and the browsers authentication dialog popped up. After authentication with Windows credentials I didn't get the "connection suspended" message.

    This made me think I have an authentication issue.

    I then enabled "Forms Authentication" on the subpage and did an iisreset. -> It seems to work now. I don't fully understand why tho. All authentications are enabled on my system.
  • isabioncelloisabioncello Member Posts: 3
    luka, tnx for info.

    I just applied latest CU 45 (build 30319) on stage environment and that seems to solve the problem. We will probably do the production update in couple of days...
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