GB VERSION: Comparing periods in Accounts Schedule

BorisKBorisK Member Posts: 45
Our UK customer is trying to build Account Schedule Column Layout so that they can compare identical Accounting Periods for this year and last year. W1 version has the field "Comparison Period Formula" which can do precisely that. GB version doesn't have this field - it has "Keep Comparison Period Scope" instead, which, sadly, is not the same. As a result our GB customer is unable to compare periods in different years, because their periods don't have the same dates - e.g. period 5 in 2017 is 30 April - 27 May, but in 2016 it was 01 May - 28 May. W1 version can handle that, but GB version can't.
Is there any way to incorporate "Comparison Period Formula" functionality into the GB version?
I find it hard to believe that no-one in the UK ever came across the same problem.


  • AntHillMobAntHillMob Member Posts: 79
    Which version of NAV? The GB version has the 'Comparison Date Formula' field to do what you require. The 'Keep Comparison Scope' field is used in conjunction with this field.

    If you specified the Comparison Date Formula and place a check mark in the 'Keep Comparison Scope' field, when NAV calculates the amount in this column it keeps the period type scope even if the period type selected is different.

    For example if the comparison formula is


    • you place a checkmark in the 'Keep Comparison Scope' field, NAV will use the first month in previous year for the amount calculation in this column whatever period type scope selected

    • you do not place a checkmark in the 'Keep Comparison Scope', NAV will calculate the start date of that period, and use the period type scope from the period type selected, for example if it’s quarter, it will be first quarter in previous year.

    Things are a little different in GB to the W1 version due to the enhanced accounting period tables.
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    It's all well if we are talking about System Periods. The customer uses Acc. Periods and wants to compare period 5 in 2017 to period 5 in 2016. You can enter 'P5' in the date filter field and the system will translate it to 30/04/17..27/05/17. However I can't figure out any 'Comparison Date Formula' that will apply the right dates to period 5 in 2016 - which is 01/05/16..28/05/16. You can probably think of something that will do it just for period 5 but then it will not work for other periods.
    In W1 version you just put -1FY in "Comparison Period Formula" and it will display identical Accounting Period in previous year, whether the period dates are the same or not. If you show me a generic 'Comparison Date Formula' that reliably applies date filters to user-defined Accounting Periods in previous years in GB version I will be eternally grateful. :)
  • buntybbuntyb Member Posts: 1
    BorisK I may be forum stalking you here, but did you ever get a formula for this one. I have the same issue.
  • BorisKBorisK Member Posts: 45
    Hi buntyb,

    Sadly not! Microsoft support just basically said well, tough, this is just how it is mate.
    W1 you have it, GB you don't.
    I did try to retrofit it myself, but it opened such a can of worms because of the differences in Acc. Periods functionality, so I gave up.
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