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does an ExternalSQL table runs the Insert Trigger or any Event when it was inserted from outside the application? Or how can i recognize when a record was inserted?


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    Hi, you should never write to NAV directly. For example use another DB (own-created) and some event generator (task scheduler, SQL OnInsert trigger invoking NAV webservice handler).
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    Now I have - former LinkedObject. :)
    But still he should use some kind of handler (scheduler, WS). Also it is not necessary to use markers - using timestamps are imho better and don't need bidirectionality ...

    Thx Tim82
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    Thanks for your answer. LinkedObject is still available and something different. My aim was to insert a Job Que Entry when a insert in the ExternalSQL was done and run the scheduler directly. So the Job Queue dont has to check every minute for new records. But unfortunately there is no other solution...
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    NAV 2017 uses TaskScheduler to handle Job queues. There is a table $ndo$taskscheduling which handles that.

    You could try to create a job queue entry in NAV and add a trigger to your table connected via ExternalSQL to modify the state field to release your job. It is nowhere near of having a trigger or an event fired in NAV, as I guess, if it works at all, there still be some delay before scheduler pick up released job,

    Just a thought..

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