RDLC in NAV 2017 "Scalablelist: Index 6 outside of the allowed range [0::5]"

borealisborealis Member Posts: 35
I am having this problem on a specific (custom) sales shipment report for a specific sales shipment (printing other shipments works fine). I've googled around and reviewed the proposed fixes:

- Sql server version needs to be patched to CU4 - not applicable as client is running higher version of SQL server than the one with this as a known issue.
- Some folks suggest changing the "disabled" property of page breaks on inner groups of a tablix away from "false". I've tried setting it to an expression and even setting it to true but that doesn't appear to fix it either.

This is a rendering side error, so it's not possible to debug this from NAV and I've never seen this error before in spite of several years of doing RDLC reports.

Anybody have any ideas?
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