Authenticate against SOAP / OData w. "UserName"; need separate NAV-instance?


We have a three-tiered setup of NAV 2017 w. authentication for our NAV-instances set to "UserName" where the users authenticate via their AD-credentials.
However when we try to call OData / SOAP (by entering an URL for ex. "SalesOrder") we get an authentication request where the server responds "Digest" and when trying to authenticate using an AD-account which is setup in NAV we get "400 - Bad Request".

Our current setup now is to have a primary instance which users connect to using their AD-account ("UserName") in order to access the RTC and Webclient and another instance in order to be able to use ODATA / Soap that uses "NavUserPassword".

Do we do something wrong when trying to call OData / Soap on our "primary" ("UserName")-instances via an AD-account (which has "Full" rights in NAV) and get "400 - Bad Request" or do you need a separate instance and "UserName" can't be used for OData / Soap?

Thankful for your insights and help


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    amaama Member Posts: 15
    It could be your application calling the SOAP service not authenticating properly...

    Try switching to the various modes, and try connecting to the SOAP / OData services via internet explorer / microsoft edge. I know IE handles authentication properly, so if you can't login to the URL via IE, then you can blame the service. If it works in IE, you can blame whatever your code calling the SOAP services directly is.
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