C/AL local variables - How to make a picture variable?

wolfuliumwolfulium Posts: 28Member
So I have an assets table with images. I am trying to pull one of those images and store them in a local or global variable in the code. I am trying to use these images in a report, but the images are determined dynamically in the code.
AssetsT.SETRANGE("Name", 'Unchecked');
// unchecked := Assets.Image

There is no option in the globals or locals variables for bitmaps/png/blob.
This may be a really easy question, but I'm on week #2!

Thank you in advance

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  • KeptyKepty Posts: 40Member
    Why do you want to store image to variable? You can use table field blob (or media) in a report.
    Tomáš Kapitán
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