NAV 2016 on Azure Virtual machine Issue

I have installed NAV 2016 on Azure Virtual machine. Navision is running fine on Virtuall machine but when I have added a field on item table and save and compiled it successfully but when I am running item table my newly added field in not showing.
I also have created a new code unit but when trying to run this code unit i am getting error that "code unit not found"


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    EvREvR Member Posts: 178
    edited 2017-08-11
    Are you sure your service is looking at the right database?
    Is your schema synchronized?
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    gauravshuklagauravshukla Member Posts: 5
    edited 2017-08-12
    Schema is synchronised showing on NAV but field is not adding in SQL and there is only one database and one service so this is not an issue,.
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