NAV 2016 Session Idle Timeout - again

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Hi all,

I've read - and tried to understand - the multiple threads on idle session timeouts in NAV2016, but I haven't found a clear explanation on if and how the following scenario can be configured - both pre-CU8 and post-CU8 where the configuration setup has changed.

Here's my scenario:

I want to set a standard session timeout, so that users who are idle in NAV for a specified period (e.g. 15 minutes) get their NAV session closed.

However, for a few workstations, I want the timeout to be longer. In our example, we want our warehouse computers to stay active all day.

SO, for both pre-CU8 and post-CU8:

1. Can I have a different timeout for a few computers?

2. Particularly for post-CU8, how do I do this? Can I change a value in ClientSettings.Config on the workstation to override the server-side setting?

3. In NAV2009, we built our own session monitor. There is a field in the Session table called "Idle Time" that we can look at for any session and determine if it is "eligible" to be killed. Is there a table/field in 2016 where we can look at sessions to determine how long a session has been IDLE?

We are getting ready to go live on a pre-CU8 codebase but are planning on applying all CU's in the very near future.

Thanks in advance,


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