Custom Workflows Setup NAV 2017 Issue

vikkivikki Member Posts: 28

I have a requirement of creating custom workflow for a transaction say QC Entry. It needs to go through three levels USER1 > USER2 > USER3.

I have created a
1. Page for my transaction
2. Codeunit with custom events and response like ("Submit the Document","Approve the Document","Reject the document", etc.)
I have enabled workflow event hierachies, event/response combinations and created entry in workflow table relation
3. Codeunit with functions when Document is submitted,
4. Configured workflow user group for three levels and assigned to workflow setup

When USER1 submits the document, Status in QC entry table gets changed from New to Submitted and three level approval entries are created in Approval entry table. Entries are also created in Workflow Step Instance.

However after first approval, the entries in Workflow step instance gets updated. but after second level approval, entries in workflow step instance get deleted. Since these entries are deleted, my document is going through workflow levels but the response when Pending approvals = 0 is not executed.

When I debug, we get the entries deleted in CU 1501 -
IF IsWorkflowCompleted(ActionableWorkflowStepInstance) THEN

Any comments, if I am missing anything to complete all three levels.
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