Windows 10 Professionl - Non Domain User -Navision 2016 client access

mpdevnavmpdevnav Posts: 34Member

One of my director using Windows 10 professional, Not enrolled into our Domain. He would like to access Nav on his pc.

I have installed Nav 2016 on his pc and try to run as diff User, but it didn't work.

Any suggestion how to access Nav for a non-domain user ( Apart from RDP, Web Client ).


  • amaama Posts: 15Member
    You can use Microsoft Dynamics NAV Password Authentication but you need to set up a separate NAV Service tier for him to use that will use the NAV User logins rather than the Windows Authentication.

    When opening the RTC it will prompt for username / password and you will type in the User Name field from the User Card Page in NAV and the password you assigned on the NAV User as well.

    If you aren't the person in charge of the NAV Services, that will be the barrier here as you won't be able to make it work without that.
  • mpdevnavmpdevnav Posts: 34Member
    Really appreciated your reply.

    Am the look after Nav support, so I can create Separate Instance for the same database with Credential type as NavUserPassword.

    Apart from Instance creation, any other setup needs to do.

  • JuhlJuhl Posts: 516Member
    Just use UserName, then no extra instance is required. Just log in with a ad user when prompted.
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  • RaajRaaj Posts: 1Member
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    No need to Create Instance Just Change Authentication type on Client Machine Windows to "UserName" in ClientUserSettings.config file, File location will be- C:\Users\myusername (Current Username)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • amaama Posts: 15Member
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    Setting the setting inside clientusersettings.config is not enough. Your service needs to match.

    "This parameter value must be the same as the Credential Type setting for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instance that the client is configured to connect to. For more information, see Configuring Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server."

    MSDN Page for the NAV Service settings.

    " Windows

    With this credential type, users are authenticated using their Windows credentials. You can only specify Windows as the credential type if the corresponding user exists in Windows (Active Directory, local workgroup, or the local computer’s users). Because they are authenticated through Windows, Windows users are not prompted for credentials when they access Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

    " NavUserPassword

    With this setting, authentication is managed by Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server but is not based on Windows users or Active Directory. The user is prompted for username/password credentials when they start the client. The credentials are then validated by an external mechanism. Security certificates are required to protect the passing of credentials. This mode is intended for hosted environments, for example, where Microsoft Dynamics NAV is implemented in Azure."

    I believe NavUserPassword is what will be the best solution. Then just keep the old instance set to Windows for everyone else.

  • JuhlJuhl Posts: 516Member
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    No, UserName will be the best solution. No server change is needed!
    No certificate etc. needed.
    Just change or install client as UserName and your on your way.
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