Error: Issuer's public key doesn't correspond to its private key

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Dear experts,

I'm trying to enable access for Web Client on manually installed NAV 2017 on Microsoft Azure. The time when I tried to create certificate using the makecert.exe utility, I've found an error. At part of makecert -sk NavServiceCert8 -iv RootNavServiceCA8.pvk -n "CN=NavServiceCert8" -ic RootNavServiceCA8.cer -sr localmachine -ss my -sky exchange -pe NavServiceCert8.cer, once I put the password system prompted Error: Issuer's public key doesn't correspond to its private key. Please advice.

Thanks in advance.


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    atpiyushatpiyush Member Posts: 12
    Hi Awatharam86,

    I understand your issue.
    This issue arises when your certificate in microsoft management console is not corresponds to a private key.

    Go to - MMC.exe -> Console Root -> Certificates (Local Computer) -> Personal -> Certificates -> All Tasks -> Import your Certificate Here.
    Note: Remember that you need to import .pfx(Personal Information Exchange) file and not .cer(Security Certificate) file otherwise you might have problem in further steps.

    If certificate already present there then you need to give it permission by managing private keys.

    Go to - click on certificate -> All Tasks -> Manage Private Keys -> give full control under Network Services group -> click apply & ok.

    That's it.
    Please comment below if you still face issues.


    Piyush Agrawal
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