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wolfuliumwolfulium Member Posts: 30
Hey guys, I know I've seen this question a few times, but I could not find a question with an answer that would suffice for my situation.
I have a ReqFilterField for a field named "Customer Status" This field is an option field and it has the following options: Active, Cancelled, On Hold.

The client wants this report to export does not want to print all of the records, prefers active. Is there a way to set this to default?
Incoming Website Orders - OnPreDataItem()
"Incoming Website Orders".SETFILTER("Customer Status", '%1', "Incoming Website Orders"."Customer Status"::Active);

Here is what I have tried before.


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    sorenhinrupsorenhinrup Member Posts: 136
    Is this supposed to be a filter that the user can change? If not, you can add this filter in the dataitem on the dataitemtableview in the report.
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    wolfuliumwolfulium Member Posts: 30
    The user should have the ability to choose which item to filter on, he just wants it to default so he doesnt have to pick every time
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