NAV 2017 - Excel Addin + Outlook for financials issues

James1707James1707 Member Posts: 13
We have configured NAV 2017 demo environment to test new integrations (Live edit in Excel and Outlook for Financials) but we have issues to make AddIns working properly.

Technical Info on environment:
NAV2017 version: 10.0.16177.0 with W1 demo database (the one included in installer)
NAV Server and SQL configured o single VM, separate VM for WebClient
Both NavUserPassword and ACS instance have properly configured WebClient. SSO is working as charm, both instances are secured with publicly trusted and valid SSL certificate. Both instances also have ODATA and SOAP web services configured, enabled, secured with SSL and available internally-externally. Azure AD apps configured as stated in MS documentation.

Issues - Excel AddIn
After navigating in WebClient and selecting "Edit in Excel", we open the downloaded spreadsheet. The Excel AddIn starts, but fails to login - issue with downloading server configuration (Screenshot1A,1B,1C). Tested on both ACS and NUP NAV instances. Tests are performed locally on server and on separate laptop. On both machines we have Office2016 installed form Office365 portal - license activated form the same tenant where AAD apps are configured. Office365 user have Global Admin role.

Issues - Outlook for financials
When using "send by email" option anywhere in NAV (for instance, Sales Quote, Sales Order etc.), the new email message is created with to and from fields filed properly as well as message text. The .pdf file is attached but when you try to download or view it, there's an error about damaged/unreadable file (Screenshot2). This happens both for Outlook web application and for locally installed Outlook.
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