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Hi. I need to add a permanent filter to a report - so that the report only picks up records where the due date for an invoice is within the current month and it is in the open state. I am very new to NAV and have been trying to use CM for current month - but it doesn't like it.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

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  • jonesksjonesks Posts: 29Member
    HI. Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately when I save it - I get you have specified an unknown variable - DateRec. Define the variable under Global C/AL symbols.
    Sorry as I said in my original post very new to C/SIDE and C/AL!
  • jonesksjonesks Posts: 29Member
    This is what I have so far - all three filters are working - but the Due date is currently set to not blank. I need to set this to within the same month as the current work date. I cannot find the correct syntax anywhere.

    Cust. Ledger Entry - OnPreDataItem()
    SETFILTER("OPEN",'YES'); //filter to pick up only open documents
    SETFILTER("Document Type",'Invoice'); //filter to pick up only Invoices - not credit notes or payments
    SETFILTER("Due Date", ''); //filter to ensure Due date is within the current month - at moment just blank.
  • jonesksjonesks Posts: 29Member
    Ignore the above - I had declared the variable but I had managed to not save it! - Being a bit thick Sorry!

    Thanks for the code!
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