Block Movement in Bin Content

sunnyksunnyk Member Posts: 276
For an Item at a particular location & BIN, I set the value of Block Movement to 'All'. But I still can reclass from this BIn to another BIN and also receive in this BIN the same Item for which I set the Block movement to 'All'. is there any other setup that needs to be done.
We are not using Whse. Pick or Whse. Put Away.


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    ondercinondercin Member Posts: 15
    On the location card for your bin do you have the "Directed Put-away and Pick" turned on or off?

    If it is off the WHS Management codeunit is called and the CeckInbOutbBin function is called to determine what condition the Block Movement is..
    As long as the Quantity is not 0 it should throw an error that the Bin is blocked ALL
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    sunnyksunnyk Member Posts: 276
    it is false. still, no error when I transact for the bin that is blocked for all movement.
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