NAV 2017 Excel Buffer Header/Footer

BKRBKR Member Posts: 1
Hello everybody,
are there any possibilites to add Header or Footer Information via Excel Buffer to an exported Excel?

Theres a function in Table 370, CreateBookAndOpenExcel, Parameter ReportHeader. But thats only a centered Report Header. I need a left and a right header.
Are there possibilities? Tips and tricks?

Further I have to set a page margin, no clue how to do this...

Thanks for your help.


  • CroRaptorCroRaptor Member Posts: 8
    Hi, did you find a Solution? I need it too ...
  • AlexDenAlexDen Member Posts: 85

    You can make left and right headers with an existing function, just need to use special symbols:
    LeftHeader := 'Left header';
    CenterHeader := 'Center header';
    RightHeader := 'Right header';
      STRSUBSTNO('&L%1&C%2&R%3',LeftHeader, CenterHeader, RightHeader),
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