Codeunit 5054, Merge Email, Extra Attachment.

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In Codeunit 5054 Function Execute Merge is it possible to sometimes add an extra attachment to the sent email as well the merged document. e.g., I might want to sent an extra map.pdf to some lines on a segment.
(The Cal Symbol Menu doesn't show the full list of properties of so I can't see if there is an obvious way to do it.)
WordDocument.MailMerge.Destination := 2;
WordDocument.MailMerge.MailAddressFieldName := Text015;
WordDocument.MailMerge.MailSubject := TempDeliverySorter.Subject;
WordDocument.MailMerge.MailAsAttachment :=
WordDocument.MailMerge.MailAsAttachment OR TempDeliverySorter."Send Word Docs. as Attmt.";


  • Slawek_GuzekSlawek_Guzek Member Posts: 1,690
    I don't think it is possible to attach an extra file using any of the properties of the MailMerge object.

    You could try to workaround the MailMerge limitations by forcing the destination to be printed on a PDF printer (BullZip is great as allows to control many printer output properties) or to a new word document, save the document and use C397 or C400 to email saved docx (or generated PDF) and your additional pdf.

    It is going to be quite tricky modification imho as you need to take into account that some calls to Merge handle many different destinations in one go, and distributing merged document one each for each email destintion is handled internally by the MailMerge object. Calls passing many records in temp delivery sorter would have to be converted to make one call per one destination to avoid all the merged documents to end up in single docx or PDF.

    You can check all properties and methods available on MailMerge object here.


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