NAV 2017 and editing data in Excel

StormStorm Member Posts: 27
I would like to know if there is a (standard)way to edit data from NAV 2017 directly in Excel Without using Azure.
I have read some documentation on the issue but all I have read is about Azure and Office365. Where the "Send to Excel" button transforms into "Edit in Excel" directly in the windows client.

In the NAV 2017 Administration there is an Excel add-in Client app ID but again... in the Azure tab.

I would just like to have the possibility to open an Item List in the NAV 2017 Windows client. Push an "Edit in Excel" button. Make som changes in Excel og "Publish" it back into NAV.
Is this possible?

Thanks :-)


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    amaama Member Posts: 15
    This can be done via rapidstart if you like.

    Just make a new "Configuration Package" with the item table, apply your field filters if you only want to edit certain items, and there is a button to edit package data in excel, and then you can just "apply" the data back to the system at the end.
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