Barcodes in Dynamics NAV 2017

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Can anyone tell me the difference in using "Item Identifiers" and "Item Cross References" (with Cross-Reference Type: Bar Code) in NAV when working with Barcodes?

Checking the code and help I can see that "Item Identifiers" is recommended with ADCS.

"Item Identifiers Window
Specifies a unique identifier for each item that you want warehouse employees to keep track of within the warehouse when using handheld devices. The item identifier can include the item number, the variant code and the unit of measure."

"Code Field"
"Contains a unique code for a particular item in terms that are useful for automatic data capture. Not only is the item number referred to by this code, but also the unit of measure and a variant code, if there is one."

But it is unclear how the "Item Identifier" is used on an order?

Reg. Cross-Reference:

Bar Code
The cross-reference number is a bar code that identifies the item.
Contains the bar code of the nonstock item. You can enter a maximum of 20 characters, both numbers and letters.
If this field is filled in, the program creates a bar code cross reference the first time you enter the nonstock item on a sales order.

This can be used on order lines but cannot (default) be used with ADCS?

Can anyone give me a brief flow description. What is best practice?

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