VSTS looking for feedback on others using this for project control and source code management

davmac1davmac1 Member Posts: 1,279
My group recently switched to this software which is the cloud version of MS's Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.
While there are a very few books on TFS, I have found nothing on VSTS.
TFS lets you connect to it with SQL Server. VSTS only has a limited internal query.
It seems like an unstructured mess to me, so I hope I am wrong, and someone can give me the table structure and how to access it.

Currently we have projects with tasks - multiple child tasks per parent task - the parent has the development spec and the children are the development, testing, bug fixing, original document specification. The changeset is linked to the development task - I guess bug tasks get changesets too.

Looking for feedback and hints from others using VSTS.
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