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MortenKSMortenKS Member Posts: 7
I have a question on CU of NAV.
I am working on a NAV 2016 CU 1 and there is almost no modifications. (only new objects).

Now I want to update the Customer to the latest CU.

How to I proceed?

1. Update the exsting NAV to the latest?
2. Install a new NAV with the installer of the latest CU, and then import the new objects afterwords?

Thanks in advance.


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    devdronedevdrone Member Posts: 14
    As far as i know CU are .fob files and if your navision's Major version and CU's major version matches. You can directly import it.
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    ReinhardReinhard Member Posts: 249
    There are two pieces to the CU.

    One is the application logic, provided as txt and fob files. Since your database has no modifications to the base objects, you could import the fob into your database.
    You can see this version if you go to codeunit 1 or Help > About Dynamics NAV.

    The other piece of the CU is the executables: clients and service tier. This requires a re-install. You can see this version if you check the properties on the Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.exe file.
    How to check Microsoft Dynamics NAV build

    You could do either one of these, or both.
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    JuhlJuhl Member Posts: 724
    Platform update don't require reinstall, just overwrite the files in Program files folder with files from the installation download.
    Just remember to skip the config xml file in the service directory.
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