Getting an error like while restoring NAV 2009 fbk Backup

Hi All ,

This is my first question . I am getting below error while restoring Nav 2009 backup (.fbk) .
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic
The Table Specific Infocode table contains a value in a Code field that cannot be used with Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic:Field:
Primary Key Value: 99001462€LL01ð19€FRGFTREDEE " .
Database using is SQL 2014 .
Can anyone help me on this please ?


  • JohnHunterJohnHunter Posts: 45Member
    first check if its not too long, might be the value "ð" is the problem?
  • NavNabNavNab Posts: 177Member
    I believe you're error is related to incorrect code page in the server where you restore your database.
    Here is some solutions:
    1- If you're using native database then just copy your fdb your destination server and use it.
    2- If you're using sql database then:
    2.1- Do a sql backup and restore it on your destination server.
    2.2- If you can't get a sql backup then you need to check that the source server and destination server have the same code page. Otherwise, you can't restore your fbk.
  • David_SingletonDavid_Singleton Posts: 5,453Member
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    pooku wrote: »
    Primary Key Value: 99001462€LL01ð19€FRGFTREDEE " .

    Often this error comes form inserting data directly into the SQL database, which is why you need to take care doing this. BUT in your case since you already created a backup, it means the original database is OK, that means you have a code page mismatch. (As mentioned by NavNab) It could be the server collation, but it can also be the client, ans the restore happens from the client reading the data and checking the characters.

    What you need to do is find the computer (client) that created the backup, and work out what Locale it is set to. It looks like it might be Icelandic, BUT that could also be just how the character is displayed. But my guess is that someone entered ð (lower case) into a Text field and it should have converted to Ð (upper case) now Navision sees a lower case character in a Code field that is not allowed.

    The worse case scenario is that if this is NOT an Icelandic database, someone may have used an Icelandic client to enter the data with case sensitivity switched off, and then also created the backup.

    You can also try to turn of case sensitivity in the SQL server.

    I would set up an Icelandic Database and a client with locale set to Icelandic, turn off case sensitivity and accent


    If that doesn't work try SQL collation.


    Of course if you have access to the current server check that first.

    David Singleton
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