Dynamics NAV 2017 on Azure

myanilkumarmyanilkumar Member Posts: 108

We had installed Dynamics NAV 2017 in Azure from the App found in Marketplace. I am trying to prepare Clickonce install link for installing Windows clients. when I run in Power shell I am getting below error:-

You cannot call a method on a null-valued expression.

At C:\DEMO\Clickonce\install.ps1:36 char:1

+ $PublicMachineName = $config.SelectSingleNode("//appSettings/add[@key ...

The line 36 as shown below:-

$PublicMachineName = $config.SelectSingleNode("//appSettings/add[@key='PublicWebBaseUrl']").value.Split('/')[2].ToLower()

I need to specify any parameters in config file?


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