Navision 2013 Reminder Terms Filtering Issues

Oz_HamidOz_Hamid Member Posts: 1
Hello Everyone,

I am having a hard time with creating Reminders in Navision 2013. When I click "Create Reminders", there are several FastTabs with several options:
  • Options
  • Customer
  • Cust. Ledger Entry

It is my understanding that under the Options tab, when selecting the Boolean "Only Entries with Overdue Amounts", it will pull in all overdue entries prior to the posting date of the Reminder. I've done the research and have found this everywhere (including on the official documentation from Microsoft).

Under the Cust. Ledger Entry tab, you can pick Document Types that you would want (for us, all we are looking for is Overdue Invoices). This works perfectly. What the issue is when we try to add in the Due Date filter for said Invoices. Let's say we want to find any Invoices from the month of May that are now overdue. No matter what I try, the Reminder will always pull in all overdue Invoices before the posting date of the Reminder, not just the Invoices for the month of May that are overdue. Does anyone know why this is, or how to get around it? Since we've been using Navision 2013 for a few years now but have not used Reminders (until now), there are plenty of overdue invoices listed that we may not want to issue a Reminder for (up to the discretion of Accounting). I understand that the way around this would be to just go into the Reminder and delete the individual line, but that can be time consuming. Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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