Retail item Card Field Restriction

Dear Experts.

We are using NAV 5 SP1 with LS Retail.
There is a new field created Arabic Desc (50020) in table 27 (Item Table) . We have 2 users A and B and both doing the item creations on the form 10000807 (Retail Item Card).

User A has access to all fields and can modify, delete, create in Item card.

Whereas, user B has similar rights but he should be restricted to modify anything only on the field Arabic Desc(50020) as mentioned earlier.

Only user A has rights to modify on the field Arabic Desc (50020).

I've a very basic knowledge of codes

If i am not wrong ,i believe it can be catered by using boolean field in the User Setup Table (91).

But not sure where and what to code.

Please suggest if there is a better way to approach.

Please let me for any further clarification.



  • nav_developmentnav_development Posts: 19Member
    Yes that's correct... adding a field in user setup table is the correct approach (in my understanding)
    -Create a Boolean field in user setup table
    -Put you code OnValidate() method to validate whether Boolean field is tick or un-tick for logged in user and raise an error if not true.
  • JohnHunterJohnHunter Posts: 45Member
    option 2, change Enabled/Editable/Visible field properties from OnOpenPage.
  • fahdfahd Posts: 225Member
    Thanks alot will work on it.
  • David_SingletonDavid_Singleton Posts: 5,453Member
    fahd wrote: »

    I've a very basic knowledge of codes

    if you are new to Navision code, then keep it simple, a simpler approach is to create a new form/page that has the Arabic text field as [non editable] and only give the user access to this form.

    For just one field like this it is not worth all the work of coding a solution.

    David Singleton
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