Trying to prevent multiple logins sp_$ndo$loginproc

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Hi all,

I have followed that, tried but nothing happens. I put it into the NAV database. Is that correct?

my code:

alter procedure [dbo].[sp_$ndo$loginproc]
@appname varchar(64) = NULL,
@appversion varchar(16) = NULL

declare @login_count int

set @login_count=(SELECT count([User ID])
from [Active Session]
--where [User ID] not in (
-- [Here goes the user list I dont want to be applied this restriction, I removed I dont want to publish here. Anyway it does not work]
group by [User ID]
having count(*)>1)

if @login_count>;=1
raiserror ('You are already logged on %i time(s) to the system. Access is denied. Please try close all NAV windows or restart computer.', 18, 1, @login_count)
print('AllOK') --This message should happen right?



It seems like it works, but only in dev. environment. RTC allows to open several sessions.

I also have seen this

but the sql select statement to retrieve users seems not choosing actual ones from NAV, maybe its old.


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