Decoding a Dynamics 2015 Record ID

jkandikojkandiko Member Posts: 3
I have the following as a record id in our table:


I can infer that the first four bytes, in little endian format (00 00 00 70) are 112.

I imagine the next byte, 02, is a signifier to state the key is two bytes: 7b 06 . But this into decimal is 31494. I don't think this is correct. The key in the table is a code20. Does that correspond to 31494?

Or is 02 a signifier for something else? 7b is 123, but I can't figure out what that would correspond to. 06 would explain the following:

36 00 33 00 39 00 30 00 31 00 34 00

When I remove the zeros and convert to a string, I get 639014 .

Is this the correct way to interpret this format for Nav 2015? I believe the MSDN article found
here is specific to 2009 and doesn't equate to 2015.

Can someone tell me if this is accurate? What are those three bytes (02 7b 06) between the table identifier and the record identifier?
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