Warehouse Management

I have a mock demo regarding the Warehouse Management in NAV 2016. Please provide the modules under Warehouse Management.


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    There is nothing to post.

    I mean - I do not understand your question, and since you did not get answer to your same question a few days ago, I think most people don't. Could you please elaborate? What exactly do you need? A screenshot? The names of menu-items available in the Warehouse department page? Or ..... ??
    Jan Veenendaal
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    Warehouse shipment / receipt, put-away / pick, movement worksheet, transfer order, item journal, phy. inv, journal, item re-class journal, internal pick / put-away / movement.

    What else do I need to include on my discussion regarding the Warehouse Management?
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    when there's no question or problem, then can't be any discussion - sorry, all I see is just a scream in the dark ...
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