Tablet Client Changing Service URL

matts2k7matts2k7 Member Posts: 3

We have a 2015 web client installed which works perfectly on all platforms including tablet

on tablet we enter the URL https://Domain/DynamicsNAV80/WebClient

We log on perfectly !

When logging of the service gets changed to https://Domain/DynamicsNAV80 and users cant login again until manually adding WebClient to the end again.

Any help much appreciated!


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    matts2k7matts2k7 Member Posts: 3
    Further research suggests something not quite working with the URL rewrite functionality, testing on another companies working nav instance shows you shouldn't need to add the WebClient at the end and the instance name should redirect to this automatically.

    on my server when hitting the page directly i get an error :

    HTTP Error 500.24 - Internal Server Error
    An ASP.NET setting has been detected that does not apply in Integrated managed pipeline mode.

    Most likely causes:
    system.web/identity@impersonate is set to true.

    As far as i am aware the web client requires impersonation to be enabled to function so this error makes no sense!
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    matts2k7matts2k7 Member Posts: 3
    No Event log entries are recorded and the actual web client in a browser works perfectly the only issue is the tablet client not being able to log in once a user has logged out.
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