OData Filter by "IntegrationCustomerNo" field in Contacts Table

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In our Contacts table, we have a field named "IntegrationCustomerNo". The OData metadata shows it's EDM.String type.
The values are either empty or populated with a Customer No from the Customers Table.

1. Was this implemented by our provider?
2. It seems this is the only field I cannot filter on. Is this normal ? Is this because our provider "missed something" ?

Our NAV provider doesn't communicate so I have to resort to asking questions in here.
I'm a developer, but not a NAV C/AL developer.
We have no NAV developer licence.
We have no access to the MS SQL DB - so we can only use web services.


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    I thought this might help someone shed some light on this.

    If I open "Edit - Contact Card" page, and go to "About this page", I do NOT see "IntegrationCustomerNo" listed in Table fields.
    I see it listed in "Source Expressions".

    But again, the metadata for the Contact Page Service I setup, shows "IntegrationCustomerNo" as being a field...
    My problem is that I can't filter by "IntegrationCustomerNo".
    For example I want to get all contacts where this field is not empty. so in ODATA query I have: $filter=IntegrationCustomerNo ne '' ... But that doesn't work....it still gives me entries where that field is empty.
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