NAV 2016 - Find source of table lock

StLiStLi Member Posts: 83

I'm looking for a good guide / tool to find out who or which code segment / user is causing table locks long enough to lock the system for hours.

We're having trouble with a customer that is suffering form occasional table locks. Maybe 2 or 3 times a week with 50+ active users on the clients and several data exchange interfaces using webservices. We where able to temporarily handle the problem by setting the timeout for the lock but would prefer to find the source of the table lock to enhance performance and omit unnecessary errors.

These locks happen scattered over the whole workday. Our contact with the company swears that they didn't start any larger batch jobs at those times, but it's hard to confirm that without having any hard evidence.

Thanks for your input and best regards,


p.s. we recently became the solution center of that customer and apparently these locks where already happening before that. So, "undoing" or "tracking" our changes will be quite challenging.


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