What's the point of Indirect permission to Page object?


I have a report that has filters to different tables, one of them is Product Group (5723). That table has lookup and drill down page properties set to page Product Groups (5731). Now the report requires Execute permission to the page 5731 and I don't want to give direct permission because that will cause the Product Groups list page to appear in the NAV menu. Is there any way set up the page permission as Indirect so that the user can access to the page only through another object but the page is not visible in the menu?

-Janne Penttila


  • KeptyKepty Member Posts: 54
    Hi, the page will not appear in the NAV menu if you give direct permission to the object. Only if you add the page to the menusuit, then the page will be accessible from the menu. So you could give direct permission to the related table/page.
    Tomáš Kapitán
  • No, sorry, did not really help. I'm trying to give some reports permission to execute certain pages but that is not possible(?). Permssions to reports can only be given for table object, not pages. So I still don't understand where I can use indirect execute permission to page object.
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