NAV 2017 unable to activate CRM Connection

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Hi all,

we are currently facing issues with activating a CRM connection. The below error is thrown when activating the connection or executing Test Connection within the CRM Connection Setup.

NAV Version is NAV 2017 W1 CU 6 (16585)
CRM Version is CRM 2016 UR2

DynamicsNAVIntegrationSolutuion: 10.0.16585.0

So far, we've verified the whole environment and implementations both from the CRM and NAV perspective but we're still unable to get behind it.

Did anyone made similar experiences or has any hints at which point we should look at to resolve this problem?

We've wasted a couple of days on that issue already so any help is highly appreciated.
Many thanks in advance



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    Tarek_HTarek_H Member Posts: 2
    Hi andrewt,

    I am having same problem but my NAV is CU3. Have you found any solution to your problem?

    the error I am facing is
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    andrewtandrewt Member Posts: 73
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    Hi Tarek,

    my appologize for the late response.
    In our case, it turned out that replacing the CRM SDK .dlls provided by the NAV CU which are located in the RTC Client and NST program folders by the original ones from the CRM SDK resolved the issue.
    original current
    (NAV 2017 CU6) (CRM_SDK_D365)
    Although it doesn't felt very satisfying, at least it helped us to get the CRM Connection back online. We are now close to apply the current CU 9 and are curious to see what's going to happen.

    The problem occured after we had applied the CU6 on our DEV environments. Prior to this we had a stable CRM Connection between NAV and CRM up and running.

    Hope this helps

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