How to print report if find subordinate data item?

Yabu13Yabu13 Member Posts: 12

I have a small problem with my report with following Data Items:

As you can see, I want to Print the columns "One_No" and "One_Description" (fields of DataItem "One") only if a "SalesInvoice" record can found. I want to do the same for "SalesCreditMemo" but I cannot define the same columns "One_No" and "One_Description".

If I put the columns under "Two", then it is printing all the records of Two, which are found corresponding to "One". But I want print the records for "Two", for which a "SalesInvoice" record and "SalesCreditMemo" record is existing.

I hope that you can understand the logic.

Thank you.


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    Yabu13Yabu13 Member Posts: 12
    Problem is resolved. I am checking in the OnAfterGetRecord on DataItem Two if there is existing SalesInvoice or SalesCreditMemo.
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