User Domain cannot login to NAV 2016 Web Client

hydharthydhart Member Posts: 20
Hi Expert,

I have problem accessing NAV 2016 Web Client. I had configured the Web Client on Server with Domain ABC with computer name XYZ, and I also had registered all user in this Domain but not Local User. But when I tried to login via Firefox it say
"You do not have access to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Verify that you have been set up as a valid user in Microsoft Dynamics NAV."

I think firefox read my Local User so when i login with my User Domain it can't found my User. When I use IE or Chrome I can successfully login, but when I tried to access from another computer, i get the same error as above. When I use XYZ\Administrator or ABC\Administrator it doesn't change the Error.

Can someone suggest the solution for the problem above?

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    NavNabNavNab Member Posts: 181

    NAV Server and Web Server are not installed on the same machine, is that correct?

    If yes, you need to setup delegation between your NAV Server and your Web Server.

    If not, please give more details about your configuration.
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    hydharthydhart Member Posts: 20
    Thanks for the answer nabil,

    Yes it is installed on the same machine. For web client configuration i think it's all same with the others.
    Is it mandatory to setup delegation? Can you give me more detail about how to setup this delegation?
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