NAV 2017 Help Server files

alex9alex9 Member Posts: 97
According Microsoft NAV team, NAV 2017 Help files should be downloaded separately and then copied to NAV Help server folders: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/nav/2016/11/04/dynamics-nav-and-help-a-new-world/

I did that, and contextual help in NAV 2017 started to work. However, I still cannot find any help files for some pages which were introduced with NAV 2017. For example, Item Attributes (page 7500). When I press F1 from that page, it brings me to "Getting Started" general help page. And I can see that htm file for the is just missing, I have N_7399.htm and the next file is N_7600.htm. When I search MSDN, I also cannot find any article about Item Attributes. Does it mean it has just never been created by Microsoft?
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