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linilini Member Posts: 1
I've an item with Replenishment system as Purchase. Reordering policy "Order"
So when I run Planning worksheet for the qty of say 100 in Sales Order with a warehouse name "G", it rightly suggests to purchase 100 units from Vendor XYZ.
Now if I've a Transfer Order released for the same item for 100 Qty from another warehouse "Q" to warehouse "G" (even the transfer order receipt dates being prior to receipt of PO dates) system is not considering it... instead it is suggesting to cancel the Transfer Order and accept the Purchase order in the Planning Worksheet.
If there is Transfer Order then we don't want the system to suggest Purchase if there is no Transfer Order then suggest Purchase.

Now my question here is :
Is there a way to make the system consider the replenishment from Transfer Order and not suggest Purchase?
1. We don't want to use SKU's (my client already has SKU's and we don't want a central location and distribution location concept here)
2. We don't want to receive any item in Location "Q" . That location is only for Transfers. Not for PO receipts.

Any kind of suggestion would be appreciated.
Thanks In advance


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    sorenhinrupsorenhinrup Member Posts: 136
    When you calculate your planning lines, what filters do you use? It could sound as if there might be a filter on location.
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