Qty to assemble for Service Order

Hi All,
I need something like qty to assemble in Service order
I tried to develop follow from sales order
how is the easy way to create this?
but its too many functions that i need to copy
any clue or suggestion?


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    kalyankandimallakalyankandimalla Member Posts: 56
    Hi Stanley,

    Do you have any tool to check the where used of any object, field, function? In our case when we want to do such developments we use the tool 'Object Manager' and check the where used of the required object, field, function. Analyze what is required and start with the development.

    It will also help you if you break the things into different steps. Initially start with
    • Adding fields
    • Check with different Validations
    • And then try to add the required navigations which link service to assembly orders
    • Try to work on functionality related to releasing the service order linked to assembly
    • Next step is with postings

    These are some major things which in general goes for a development. Don't know if this can help you, but please check.

    Good luck with the development.
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    Hi Kaylan Thanks for the reply
    but I dont use Object Manager
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