Unable access Nav 2017 from a client System

krishnamkkrishnamk Member Posts: 27
Dear Friends,

I am unable to access the NAV 2017 from a client system where as I can the system using webclient but ..
A server was not found at "net.tcp://". Either the URL is incorrect or the server is currently not available

It was working fine. When I tried, is giving error.

Please help me

warm regards


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    aceXaceX Member Posts: 166
    Hi there @krishnamk. I'm not sure that I'm understanding your problem...
    from a client system where as I can the system using webclient but

    I suppose you can connect to the web client from your computer but your client getting error message. At first, I thing when you are using Web client from Dynamics NAV universal app always protocol must be https://dns.clientname.com/DynamicsNAV100 ... , anyway, you can setup environment and use http://dns.clientname.com/DynamicsNAV100. I'm not sure is it possible to use net.tcp://dns.clientname.com/DynamicsNAV100...

    Do you using the same link on the both of the computers?
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    krishnamkkrishnamk Member Posts: 27
    Sorry for mis communication.

    1. Nav 2017 is installed in Server and in the server system I can access both web client and windows client.
    2. If want access the Nav from different desktop in the network, the above error is coming. I can ping server from desktop.
    3. I have also copied ClientUserSettings file in user folder also in related folder in programdata folder.

    Please suggest.

    Warm regards
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    aceXaceX Member Posts: 166
    Please check in firewall does Client Port is opened.
    The link in RTC for connection to the server should be like: is the Server IP
    7046 is Client Port, you can check your server port in Dynamics NAV Administration for your service.
    For a moment you can disable all firewall roles to check if that's the problem. And also be sure that DynamicsNAV100Service is in Running State.

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    mohana_cse06mohana_cse06 Member Posts: 5,504
    you can check event viewer for more details
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