XML reads an entire file as one record, no line breaks / carriage return

Hi everyone
My customer has given me a file downloaded from their banking Site which, on import, is read as one single row / line even though the file has 85 rows of data. I opened the file in different text file readers, textpad and notepad++ and notepad and it clearly has rows of data...

How can I split the line at every 40th character while reading it in?

Hope someone can help.


  • vaprogvaprog Posts: 725

    Don't process xml as a text file. Use an XMLPort or some Dotnet XML parser. XML does not need line breaks in order to mark-up records of a table.

    Your XML-file, if it has line breaks indeed, probably uses Unix style line breaks (<LF> only, rather than windows standard <CR><LF>). An XML parser is required to convert line breaks to this format anyway, so, why not store it this way in the file in the first place.
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